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The Extraordinary Way She Moves

“darkness is not the mere absence of light;there is something positive about it […]darkness is filled, it touches the individualdirectly, envelops him, penetrates him,and even passes through him.”

Roger Caillois

The Extraordinary Way She Moves is the continuation of the research project THING, a collaboration with William Collins from 2016.

In The Extraordinary Way She Moves a human body moves a massive amount of industrial black plastic from underneath. Both performers interact and affect one another in a continuously transforming alliance. The viewer is invited to perceive not one sculptural image, but process and duration. A large field of black plastic becomes a shifting landscape.

Evolving around body, nature and object, the work turns each element into a fluid category and questions the relationship between human and non-human, animate and inanimate, nature and Nature. 
She –the installation- affirms processes of permeability and porosity and presents the performers not as fixed entities, but rather as active ones, full of potential.

Concept and choreography: Lisa Vereertbrugghen
Performers: Matthieu Blond, Karin Verbruggen, Ana Wild, Ventomatic axial ventilator 1, Ventomatic axial ventilator 2, Sencys afdekfolie 12 x 5 x 4.
Sound and music: Different Fountains
Lighting design: Vinny Jones
Set construction: Andrés Novo
Advice: Bruno Listopad

Playground Festival (Leuven), Budavista (Kortrijk)
November 2016, February 2017

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