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Camouflaging Kelly

Camouflage is not only a theatrical disguise that we adopt when it suits us -that is, for purposes of self-preservation. In fact this term can describe the very foundations of human subjectivity: how identity is, both consciously and unconsciously, constituted through space. More specifically, it implies a process that I refer to as blending into the background, a psychic and morphological process of negotiating self (figure) in relation to an external visual field (ground).
- Laura Levin, Performing Ground-

Camouflage creates simulacra, deceptive resemblances to a model. The aim is not repetition or copy, but likeness through difference. 

- Ayelet Zohar, Strategies of Camouflage-

Inspired by Eva Hesse, Roni Horn and Rinneke Dijkstra, Camouflaging Kelly approaches the hardcore subculture gabber and its dance named hakken trough repetition and multiplicity. The focus is placed on text, texture, difference, repetition and identity. How is subjectivity not a “thing” but a fluid that is passed trough, body to body. Kelly is the name of each individual performer, the group and the environment.


A project by Lisa Vereertbrugghen
Concept: Lisa Vereertbrugghen in collaboration with Simon Asencio
Choreography: Lisa Vereertbrugghen in collaboration with Unn Faleide, Maria Peralta, Susan Hoogbergen 
Performance: Unn Faleide, Maria Peralta, Susan Hoogbergen, Nadja Voorham, Moreen Beentjes, Eva Honings, Leyla De muynck
Sound: Tine Grgurevic

This project was a coproduction of Het Veem theater with the support of OAZO Amsterdam, BUDA Kortrijk and the Norwegian art council

The Performance Formerly Known as Performance or Camouflaging Kelly is sponsored by


Veem, House for Performance (Amsterdam)
November 2014


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